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Breaking News: Look what Oregon state did to their ballot! Trump NOT Listed!

Is this a mistake or it’s totally rigged! The Oregon state ballot doesn’t even bother with putting Trump on as a choice for president this year!

Please share this crap, I hope this is not true, this is not how things …

Police Dashcam Shows Cop Ram Into Armed Suspect

Watch the video, and decide for yourself if you feel the police officer was wrong or not…..

I have mixed feelings about this one.  Clearly the suspect was armed, but to run over him with a car is some what questionable …

Joe Rogan – Why Marijuana is Illegal – A Brilliant Explantion

Joe Rogan who we all know from Fear Factor give a brilliant explanation on why marijuana is illegal.

It comes down to economics.
The Declaration of Independence was printed on Hemp for Christ’s sake!  When will things change?
That’s all I’m going to …

Justin Timberlake Shares Photo of Wife Jessica Biel with Newborn Son Silas

Proud parents Justin Timberlake, and Jessica Biel welcomed their son Silas Randall Timberlake to the world last weekend.  Justin posted the first photo of their son on Instagram this past Sunday.
The photo includes Mom Jessica Biel holding her brand new …

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