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Rihanna Says She Wasn’t Doing Cocaine In Leaked Coachella video

You be the judge…… Looks like it to me, but who am I to judge.  According to sites online, Rihanna denies that she was doing cocaine………. Check out the video for your self.

Rihanna posted on Instagram that she was rolling “a …

Willie Nelson’s Brand of Marijuana – Willie’s Reserve WEED

Willie Nelson, and iconic name in music, and known for an advocate of legalizing marijuana is coming out with his own brand called WILLIE’S RESERVE.  Check out this video posted by Rolling Stone.

Joe Rogan – Why Marijuana is Illegal – A Brilliant Explantion

Joe Rogan who we all know from Fear Factor give a brilliant explanation on why marijuana is illegal.

It comes down to economics.
The Declaration of Independence was printed on Hemp for Christ’s sake!  When will things change?
That’s all I’m going to …

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