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Rigged Voting Machines Caught Switching Trump Votes To Hillary in Massive GOP State

It’s happening. Voting machines are being reported as switching Trump votes to Hillary votes in early voting. We warned you about this, as did Trump, and it’s happening in Texas…a state that Trump has to win to get elected..
Whether you …

ANTI-TRUMP Protesters Cant Explain Why They are Protesting

Amazing; these folks have issues. They are protesting, and no clue why! Clearly they are delusional, or being paid.

Liberal lies from the mass media

What an amazing Speech!

The 2016 Presidential elections will most certainly go down in history as the most controversial election EVER! The elitist and the establishment clearly are in fear of loosing their power, and wealth because of presidential candidate …

ABC’s Tom Llamas Battles Mr. Trump over “Anchor Baby” term – “It’s Offensive”
ABC’s Tom Llamas questions Mr. Trump about the use of the word, or words Anchor Baby; says it’s offensive, and asked the Presidential candidate if he knows the definition.  Someone should advise Tom what the definition is; apparently he does …

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