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Donald Trump: I Will Push Term Limits to Tell Congress ‘You’re Fired’ !

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Donald Trump’s Washington is shaping up to look a lot like a boardroom scene from “The Apprentice.”
The GOP nominee on Tuesday told supporters here that he plans to tell the entrenched guard of Congress “you’re fired,” …

Stunning ‘Blacks Only’ Field Trip Has Many Parents Outraged

A  field trip in an Indiana school district, is only permitting African-American third graders to participate, which has white and black parents both pissed off!
Seven schools in the South Bend Community Schools Corporation are participating in two separate trips to three colleges …

Police Dashcam Shows Cop Ram Into Armed Suspect

Watch the video, and decide for yourself if you feel the police officer was wrong or not…..

I have mixed feelings about this one.  Clearly the suspect was armed, but to run over him with a car is some what questionable …

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