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Horrifying Video of Pediatric Nurse Hitting New Born Baby – WARNING Graphic Footage

WARNING – The video is graphic, and disturbing to say the least!  I had to stop the video, and vomit.

Here is the latest on the viral CCTV footage showing a very disturbing beating of a 4 days old infant.  This …

Joe Rogan – Why Marijuana is Illegal – A Brilliant Explantion

Joe Rogan who we all know from Fear Factor give a brilliant explanation on why marijuana is illegal.

It comes down to economics.
The Declaration of Independence was printed on Hemp for Christ’s sake!  When will things change?
That’s all I’m going to …

Stunning ‘Blacks Only’ Field Trip Has Many Parents Outraged

A  field trip in an Indiana school district, is only permitting African-American third graders to participate, which has white and black parents both pissed off!
Seven schools in the South Bend Community Schools Corporation are participating in two separate trips to three colleges …

Georgia Mom Accused Of ‘Naked Twister Party’ With Teen Daughter, & Sex

Out of Evans, Georgia, a mother of five is accused of hosting a nude twister party with her daughter, and her daughter’s friends, and having sex with two teens.
According to a Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, Rachel Lynn Lehnardt, 35, is …

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