China-Russia to Re-open Ancient Trade Route


Employing the modern technology of the day, the nations of China & Russia will be utilizing high-speed rail to re-connect the Great Silk Road of days of old.

China may invest billions in Russia’s train system recognizing the Slavic nation as an untapped reservoir of potential consumers.  China has become an economic power-house in recent years giving the U.S. a run for its money in the business world, going as far as creating their own version of the World Bank.

The Silk Road had been in recent news as the name of an internet marketplace infamous for selling drugs and bitcoin.  The original physical trade-route is a 5,000 mile trek from East China to the Western Mediterranean in Asia Minor. The Silk Road has been a significant and integral part of many civilization’s economies including those of ancient Greece & Rome.


A 14th century representation of the Silk Road.

A 14th century representation of the Silk Road.

China is capitalizing on the name of the trade route and the image it conjures of camel filled caravans of silk, spice and gold in the hopes of enticing European partners as it increases the influence of its 21st century economic empire.

Check-out the National Geographic’s look at the new Silk Road below.

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