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Apparently there is a religious holiday this Sunday that involves a law-breaking, egg-laying bunny.

Millions of children will wake up Sunday morning to begin a search for baskets of chocolates, eggs, and chocolate-eggs. The aforementioned treats will be accompanied by the perennial jelly-beans and marshmallow treats. These marshmallow treats; a combination of sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, and food dye are better known as “Peeps”

Peeps were created by a Russian born immigrant, Sam Born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania back in 1953. Originally the Born’s candy company “Just Born” made the marshmallow confections painstakingly by hand before adopting automation. Mass production sky-rocketed the small PA company to the heights of Willie Wonka status, making them the “largest marshmallow candy manufacturer in the world”.

Peeps being made by hand in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (1954)

Peeps being made by hand in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (1954)

Originally the Peeps only came in the color of yellow mimicking the little chicks they are modeled after. In later years the Peeps came in white & pink. It was not until 1995 that other pastels were added like blue & lavender.

Before 1955 Peeps had wings.

Before 1955 Peeps had wings.

Peeps can now be found in an assortment of shapes and flavors throughout the entire year allowing you the pleasure of  enjoying these squishy delights during Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

If the Easter Bunny is kind enough to leave you some of this historic, marshmallow candy; be sure to share them with your “Peeps”.

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