Horrifying Video of Pediatric Nurse Hitting New Born Baby – WARNING Graphic Footage

Emilia Kovacheva devil arrested

WARNING – The video is graphic, and disturbing to say the least!  I had to stop the video, and vomit.

Here is the latest on the viral CCTV footage showing a very disturbing beating of a 4 days old infant.  This took place at Sofiamed Hospital in bulgaria around 2:00am on Saturday April 18th, 2015.

After exhausting research on both Spanish, and Bulgarian web sites, and press releases, I have obtained the following details about the incident.

Emilia Kovacheva 40 years old is the allegedly the woman in the video which sorces are calling an alleged assault on a 4 day old baby girl named Nicole.  Why do we have to say alleged!  It’s as clear as friggen daylight to me!  According to articles online the baby girl was born healthy.

As you can see for your self in the video, the bitch is seen hitting the baby girl in the head numerous times, appears to be putting pressure on the babies head, neck, and/or body at one point, shown shaking the infant, and other disturbing acts of torture on a helpless infant new born baby.

No one seems to understand why baby Nicole was targeted, but assumed that she might have been crying more than the other babies, and the tired Kovacheva took her issues out on this poor helpless little baby girl.  Some article report that Kovacheva had been working two shifts of 12 hours, and she was tired. The morning following the brutal assault; Kovacheva attempted to conceal what had taken place, and didn’t want to give the child to her mother for feeding.

On Saturday evening at 7:30pm baby Nicole was taken to Tokuda Hospital with severe had trauma, cerebral hemorrhage, and cerebral edema, and was lucky to even be alive!  Doctors at Tokuda Hospital spent 48 hours with baby Nicole until her vitals were stable.

Since the attack, Emilia Kovacheva has been terminated from her job.  She was arrested, and detained.

Management at Sofiamed made the announcement that they will have a new video system installed for mothers to watch their babies 24 hours a day.

According to a Bulgarian news article;  Judge Nicholas Dzhurkovski, investigation so far has provided sufficient evidence that the attack on the newborn was committed with direct intent to murder.
Emilia Kovacheva pediatric bitch


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