Justin Bieber Was Put in a Chokehold & Kicked Out of Coachella

Check out the video from TMZ.

As DRAKE was closing the weekend of Coachella; Justin Bieber’s fun at the festival ended earlier than he hoped!

According to TMZ; Bieber was put in a chokehold, and kicked out of the festival. This all took place as Justin Bieber, and his entourage tried to make their way through Drakes VIP area, but they were informed it was at capacity.  Bieber pleaded with them, and showed his wristband, and pointed out the fact that he had been personally invited by Drake, but the security didn’t budge.

After some time, one of the staff members began to escort Bieber and his entourage to Drakes’ area, but security snatched him, and put him in a choke-hold.  At this point Bieber’s security went at it with the security, and Bieber, and his peeps were ordered to leave the festival at once.  According to TMZ Justin Bieber said he left voluntarily, and is actually considering legal action.


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