Lindsay Lohan Posts Photo With ‘You’re a Donkey’ in Arabic & ‘Your’re Beautiful’ In English

Lindsay Lohan Confuses ‘You’re Beautiful’ With ‘You’re a Donkey’ in Arabic

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Evidently Lindsey Lohan is practicing Arabic.  Monday this week; she tweeted habibi, the Arabic term of endearment which is commonly translated into beloved, or some variation.  Lindsay’s tweeted message linked to an image on her Instagram feed that said ‘You’re Beautiful’ in English, and what people who don’t read Arabic assumed was in fact an Arabic translation.  Instead of reading ‘You’re Beautiful’ the phrase actually read ‘You’re a donkey’.

Obviously Lindsey removed the image soon after posting, and realizing the mistake, but not soon enough, as the world had already downloaded it, and starting talking on the social highway.




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