Teacher, 65, set to be oldest mother of quads (and she already has 13 children)

A school teacher from Berlin, Annegret Raunigk is making medical history when she becomes the oldest mother the give birth to four in a single birth in the world

Ms Raunigk, is in the 21st week of her pregnancy; a result of artificial insemination using both donated sperm and eggs. Ms Raunigk said she was ‘shocked’ when an ultrasound scan showed she was carrying quadruplets.

Her gynaecologist discussed the possibility of a ‘selective reduction’, this is where one or more fetuses is aborted in a multi-fetal pregnancy, but she declined to do so.

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According to the report by Daily Mail, Raunigk already has 13 children by 5 different fathers, with the oldest child being 44.  She also has grandchildren.  According to Daily Mail; Raunigk feels she is “still quite fit” and more than capable to raise her children.

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Raunigk has been married five times but has largely raised her children alone. Photograph: AFP/Getty




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