Top Ten Top 10 Lists (seriously)


In an age of high-speed answers at our finger-tips, Top Ten lists have emerged as the people’s got-to for information in a short-attention span age.

The Top Ten list is best exemplified by the antics of David Lettermen’s Top Ten list from his days as host of Late Night with David Lettermen (1982-1993). If you are old enough you may remember The Book of Lists or American Top 40  with Kasey Kasem.

Now through the glory of the interwebz Gossip Era provides you with the Top Ten Top 10 just clicks away!

  1. Top Ten Films of All Time
  2. Top Ten NFL Teams by Wins
  3. AFI’s Top Ten Actors (male)
  4. Rolling Stone’s Top 10 Songs of All-Time
  5. Top 10 Most Beautiful Women of All-Time
  6. Top Ten Most Prolific Serial Killers
  7. Top Ten Most Deadly Animals in the World
  8. AKC’s Top Ten Most Popular Dog Breeds
  9. Top Ten Tallest Buildings in the World
  10. Top Ten Tallest Men of All-Time

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