U.S. Employs World War II Propaganda Tactics


The U.S. in an attempt to dissuade Syrian youth from joining the Islamic State of the Levant Region have employed World War II propaganda tactics. U.S. warplanes dropped illustrated leaflets over Syrian cities on March 26, 2015 depicting members of the Islamic State working a meat-grinder, fed by Syrian youth.

The U.S. has not formally declared war against Syria making the flybys over the sovereign country illegal in both the U.S and on the world stage. The positive effect of such problematic tactics is dubious  at best.

ISIS, as the Islamic State is commonly called, appeared out of the void left when U.S. forces left Iraq. The U.S has been criticized for creating ISIS albeit inadvertently. ISIS appears to be funded by some outside benefactor with fingers pointing in all directions at the usual suspects.

Was ISIS created by the U.S. as a proxy army against Assad’s Syria? Is U.S. ally Saudia Arabia behind ISIS, the birthplace of the  group’s ideology? Does Israel have a complacent hand in the longevity of the terrorist state? Turkey too could be culpable as weapons smuggled after the fall of Libyan strongman Qaddafi were funneled through the Anatolian state and found their way into the hands of extremist group.

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