What is Intuitive Eating?



Diet fads come and go. Remember the Grapefruit Diet? Today’s diets include the Atkin’s Diet, the Paleo Diet and countless other low-fat, low-carb diet to choose from.

What if you could throw them all the way and just eat intuitively?

Intuitive dieting in short, is only eating when you are hungry. This nutritional strategy relies on the fact that we are all born with an intuitive notion of when to stop eating. Young infants will turn their head away from their mothers breast-milk when full for example.

Eating until full is just one strategy of intuitive eating, more than that is the accompanying philosophy of being self aware. Intuitive eating asks the participant to take a long hard, introspective look into the self and ask: “When am I  eating? “What am I eating?” and “Why am I eating?” The last introspective reason attacks the very real pathological symptoms of over-eaters that eat in access due to some underlying mental health reason. Those who take part in intuitive eating are additionally  required to ask themselves what food satisfies them. According to the Intuitive Eating process it is OK to receive joy from food as long as it is not in response to a negativity or feelings of depression. Food can be a joyful necessity but should never be used as an anti-depressant.

Check out these Intuitive Eating Life-Hacks below.

  1. Eat only when hungry.
  2. Stop eating when full.
  3. Become self-aware.
  4. Fear portions not food.
  5. Like what you like, eat what you like.
  6. Eat less, do more.
  7. Eat for joy not to allay depression.

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